Whitewater Rafting Deals Across North America

Whitewater Rafting Deals Across North America

Whitewater rafting is truly an experience that doesn't have be "once in a lifetime" opportunity. This fun and affordable summer activity happens to also give people of all ability levels the chance to add an extra bit of excitement and thrill to their summer vacation to the mountains across North America.

Some of the best rafting across the United States is in Colorado. The Arizona or Colorado Rivers offer anywhere from Class II-Class V rapids and you'll be impressed with your guide no matter where you go. They are skilled and trained, and often certified instructors. Besides Colorado, you'll find a great number of mountain areas that have exciting whitewater rafting. One of the most popular places to raft is on the Arizona River through the Grand Canyon. Other trips will take you through the Appalachian Mountains or through the largest forest wilderness in the Lower 48 along the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho.

Often times, people associate whitewater rafting with Class V rapids and adventure seekers, however, most people don't know that when a rafting company offers rafting trips, they also often offer a floating trip, where you and your family, including your children as young as three years of age, can enjoy a lazy drift down a scenic river. During these trips, you'll be able to stop and swim, feel the natural hot springs along the way, and even get the taste of paddling as a group. It's a great way to see the country side from a different perspective.

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So start by checking out these discount whitewater rafting deals. Then head to the area you want to visit and find additional savings on discount lodging, equipment rental deals, and other fun mountain activities throughout North America.

Mammoth Lakes

Raft California

The magic of Northern California will be all around you on your trip with Raft California! For more than twenty years, this outfitter has been delivering quality whitewater rafting experiences to travelers far and wide. Their unique knowledge of the area and robust river options makes them a prime team to invest your time with. Your summer at Mammoth Lakes is going to be one like never before. View the landscape from a brand new angle and share in the memories with your favorite people. And while you're at it use this deal to help score deeper savings that will get you the best value overall! It's a win-win situation that you can't miss out on.

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South Lake Tahoe

Raft California

Travel around the South Lake Tahoe area in a new and exciting way with Raft California. You'll have the chance to experience rivers like the South Fork American River and others, depending on your skill level and desired type of trip. Their trained staff offers more than 40 years of experienced combined, placing you in more than capable hands. Their passion for the outdoors sets them apart as one of the most dynamic outfitters in the area. Choose from over 12 incredible rivers and determine how long you're ready to stay on the water. There aren't any wrong choices, because you're going to have the time of your life no matter what. Check out this discount today to discover a phenomenal deal that can't be ignored. Enjoy Northern California and get ready to have the best summer yet!

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Frequently Asked Questions

California is an enormous state, and there’s awesome whitewater at several locations. In Northern California, the Trinity River near Willow Creek has everything from easy floaters to Class V thrillers. The American River’s North Fork, Middle Fork and South Fork are popular runs in Central California. If you’re in SoCal, the Lower Kern River offers family whitewater fun with lots of excitement not far from downtown Los Angeles.

From April to July, the biggest whitewater in the state is along the Cal Salmon River in the Coastal Range in the Trinity Alps near Eureka. The 10-mile Nordheimer Run serves up Class IV rapids with Class V sections interspersed along the way. The North Fork of the American River near Auburn has Class IV rapids with calmer Class II and III sections from March to mid-June. From May through September, the Middle Fork section of the American River can be both picturesque and heart pounding at points.

The whitewater season kicks off in March every year. River sections at higher elevation will hit their peak earliest, as snowpack on top of the mountains melts, filling the rivers. Remember, water runs downhill! Higher elevation destinations can peak in March and April, but still be good for rafting into May. As the weather warms, plan a rafting trip at a middle elevation. If you’re planning to raft in September or October, your remaining options for rafting will be at lower elevations.

There’s so much opportunity for whitewater rafting in California that the season extends from April through mid-October, but the best rafting is in the warmer months of June, July and August. The best time to go ultimately depends on your destination. In Central California, the American River has exciting sections from March to mid-June (North Fork) and May through September or early October (Middle Fork).

For more exciting whitewater rafting, plan to head to the rivers a little earlier. At higher elevations, the best rafting will be during the months of March and April. Lower elevation destinations are perfect for summer whitewater trips in May, June, July and August. If water is aplenty, you might even be able to slip in a few outings in September or early October, but it’s always best to check with your rafting company first.

The Lower Kern River near Kernville has Class III and Class IV rapids from April through September only a short drive from Los Angeles. The river is dam controlled, so water can fluctuate from time to time - but it also means consistent rapids all summer long. Jungle Run is a fun 8-mile Class II and Class III trip with a more challenging Class IV whitewater ending at Miracle Hot Springs.

Canyonlands National Park is a massive outdoor playground in southeast Utah that’s known for its immense beauty and bluebird skies. One of the most impressive whitewater rafting trips in the state is a trek down the 46-mile Cataract Canyon. In the spring and early summer, some of the biggest rapids in the West are just beyond the confluence of the Green River, where prime sections like Mile Long, Satan’s Gut and Big Drops come one after another.

The North Fork of the American River between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe (near Auburn) is considered one of the best spring rafting trips in the state. There’s an awesome 10-mile stretch of Class IV rapids followed by a section of more calm Class II and Class III rapids that’s perfect for some white-knuckle action from March to mid-June.

In NoCal, the Trinity River near WIllow Creek has easy sections for beginners and Class V sections for adrenaline junkies. In the central part of the state, the American River has three unique and exciting sections: North Fork, Middle Fork and South Fork. Near Los Angeles, the Lower Kern River is family friendly, but has sections that are for experts only.

Whitewater rafting is fun for everyone. If you have elderly passengers or young children, there are several easy float trips that require little effort. If you’re physically fit and up for a challenge, there are sections of rapids that will have your heart pounding as you paddle and maneuver your way down the river. It’s one of the rare activities that almost everyone can do!

Whitewater rafting is always a hit with children, but be sure to check with your specific rafting company about minimum age requirements before you book your trip. Most rafting websites will list a minimum age or provide a phone number or email so you can ask.

When you’re packing for a whitewater trip, go with an old pair of tennis shoes. Don’t wear Crocs or flip-flops rafting because they’re likely to fly off your feet during the intense action and you’ll never find them. An old pair of tennis shoes should stay on your feet well and provide adequate protection from sharp objects on the beach and in the water, and keep your feet from getting sunburned.

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