The Top 5 Summer Adventures in Breckenridge

Spring is in full bloom. Now is the perfect time to start planning your upcoming summer vacation. There are several options to choose from for a fun-filled adventure, and one of those options is found in Breckenridge. During the winter, Breckenridge provides amazing skiing adventures to all who love the snow, but during the summer, Breckenridge transforms into an adventurous, summer paradise.


If you’re an adventure-seeking, thrill-loving, adrenaline junkie who wants a grand adventure and amazing memories, then Breckenridge has a lot to offer you. You might think of Colorado as a winter destination but think again. Breckenridge has a lot to offer those who want an outdoor, crazy adventure that they won’t easily forget. Below you’ll find the top 5 summer adventures waiting for you in Breckenridge.

Summer Fun Park
Located at the base of Peak 8 at the Breckenridge Ski Resort, Breck Summer Fun Park provides a thrilling summer adventure for everyone. Whatever adventure you’re looking for, you can probably find it there. Enjoy hiking tours, pony rides, SuperBungee Trampoline, Rockpile Climbing Wall, and chair lift-serviced mountain biking. It’s also home to the most legendary Alpine Slide in Colorado, which boasts of three 2,600 ft-long courses to choose from that will carry you through turns and straightaways where your speed is in your hands. This amazing summer adventure spot gives thrills to everyone from kids to adults and provides countless hours of fun and activities for the entire family.

Breck Flyer Zipline
If flying 50ft above the ground at speeds up to 45 MPH sounds like fun to you, then you should definitely add the Breck Flyer Zipline to your summer vacation activities. This thrilling, blood-pumping adventure features a two-stage Zipline with a first dual span of 392 ft. and a second quad span of 1095 ft. It’s a must for anyone who loves heights and fast speeds and loves it, even more, when they’re combined.

Gold Runner Alpine Coaster
Unlike a traditional coaster which takes you up and down and right back where you came from without ever really going anywhere, the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster takes you on a real ride. Experience nothing but fun and thrilling adventure as you glide down the mountain, over 2,500 ft of coaster, and through the forest. This really is a journey, one where you control your own speed through turns, dips, and twists. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss during your summer adventure vacation.

Whitewater Rafting
For those who want to amp up their adrenaline-filled vacation, include the pulse-pounding experience of white water rafting to your activity lineup. The guides at Raft Masters are rigorously trained to ensure you’re provided with a safe, memorable, and thrilling experience you won’t soon forget. They have different packages to choose from so you can tailor your experience to your desires. Enjoy a half-day adventure, or go out for a full-day experience that’s packed with action and thrills. If you want a leisurely multi-day river rafting experience, they provide that as well. All the river rafting gear is provided by Raft Masters at no additional cost to you.

Mountain Biking
There’s no shortage of biking trails in Breckenridge. If you’re looking for a leisurely three-mile ride, you can follow one of many trails, and admire the scenery that beautiful Breckenridge has to offer, or you can push yourself to a 10-mile ride to really get the blood pumping. If you’re up for an even bigger challenge, there’s no shortage of space. Breckenridge has both 20-50 mile rides that are ready for those who have the legs and lungs capable of such a feat. USA Today named the town of Breckenridge one of the top 10 greatest places to take the kids on a bike ride, so it’s a great adventure for the family as well as the sports enthusiasts. For those who want to take in the views of the Rocky Mountains during a leisurely ride, check out the “Rec Path” for a beautiful glimpse of Colorado’s natural beauty.

Get ready to for a thrilling summer vacation by planning some time in Breckenridge. You won’t experience a dull moment with all the activities that await you, plus it’s perfect for couples, friends, and families alike.